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Joana Costa and Catarina Silva and Mário Antunes and Bernardete Ribeiro "Generating datasets with drift", in "21st Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition (RecPad 2015)" , October 2015.
Theofrastos Mantadelis and Ricardo Rocha and Jorge Oliveira and Miguel Coimbra "Using Probabilistic Logic Programming to Find Patterns", in "21st Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition (RecPad 2015)" , October 2015.
José Paulo Leal and Rúben Sousa "Assessing computer science exercises using graphs", in "ACM-ICPC Collaborative Learning Institute Symposium (CLIS 2015)" , May 2015.
Amir Nabizadeh and Alípio M. Jorge and José Paulo Leal "Long Term Goal Oriented Recommender Systems", in "11th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2015)" , SciTePress, pp.552–557, May 2015.
João Poço and Pedro Faria and Manuel Eduardo Correia "A pure Java cryptographic provider supporting the U.Porto smartcard", in "13th Annual European Campus Card Association Conference (ECCA 2015)" , May 2015. Abstract
Finn Kuusisto and Inês Dutra and Mai Elezaby and Eneida A. Mendonça and Jude Shavlik et al. "Leveraging Expert Knowledge to Improve Machine-Learned Decision Support Systems", in "Summit on Clinical Research Informatics within AMIA 2015 Joint Summits on Translational Science" , AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association), pp.87–91, March 2015.
Mário Pereira and Sandra Alves and Mário Florido "Liquid Intersection Types", in "7th Workshop on Intersection Types and Related Systems (ITRS 2014)" , EPTCS (, vol. 177, pp.24–42, March 2015.
Álvaro Reis Figueira "Orchestrating Online Group Work while Assessing Individual Participations", in "9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED 2015)" , IATED, pp.2996–3005, March 2015.
Rodrigo Dias and Rogerio Salvini and Inês Dutra and Beny Lafer "A Multi-Relational Model for Depression Relapse in Patients with Bipolar Disorder by Means of a Machine Learning Approach", in "17th Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD 2015)" , Wiley: Bipolar Disorders, vol. 17, pp.128, June 2015.
Miguel Areias and Ricardo Rocha "On Extending a Full-Sharing Multithreaded Tabling Design with Batched Scheduling", in "4th Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies (SLATE 2015)" , pp.163–172, June 2015.
Ricardo Ferreira and Manuel Eduardo Correia and Francisco Rocha-Gonçalves and Ricardo Cruz-Correia "Visualization of Passively Extracted HL7 Production Metrics", in "8th International Conference on Health Informatics (HEALTHINF 2015)" , SCITEPRESS Digital Library, pp.423–430, January 2015. Abstract  Download: HEALTHINF 2015.pdf (793.85 KB)
Flávio Cruz and Ricardo Rocha and Seth C. Goldstein "Thread-Aware Logic Programming For Data-Driven Parallel Programs", in "31st International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2015) - Technical Communications" , CEUR-WS, vol. 1433, August/September 2015.
Theofrastos Mantadelis and Jorge Oliveira and Miguel Coimbra "Most probable explanation for MetaProbLog and its application in heart sound segmentation", in "2nd International Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP 2015), co-located with ICLP 2015" , CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. 1413, pp.39–45, August 2015.
Rogerio Salvini and Rodrigo Dias and Beny Lafer and Inês Dutra "A Multi-Relational Model for Depression Relapse in Patients with Bipolar Disorder", in "15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics (MEDINFO 2015)" , IOS Press, vol. 216, pp.741–745, August 2015.