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Ricardo Queirós publica novo livro: "Criação Rápida de Sites Responsivos com o Bootstrap"

22 June 2017
O novo livro de Ricardo Queirós é dedicado à criação de sites e aplicações Web que se adaptam graficamente aos dispositivos que os consomem. O livro dá ênfase à framework Web Bootstrap considerada uma das mais populares a nível mundial. A sua popularidade advém do facto de ser simples de se usar, já que qualquer pessoa, com conhecimentos básicos em HTML e CSS, pode criar, em poucos minutos, um site preparado para ser visualizado em qualquer dispositivo. O livro dá ainda destaque aos processadores CSS e a um novo modo de layout chamado Flexbox.

SLATe conference organized by CRACS member

26 June 2017
Ricardo Queirós is the Conference Chair of SLATe (Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies), which will take place in Vila do Conde between the 26th and the 27th of June.
The Program Committee of the Conference includes other CRACS members: José Paulo Leal (Track Chair) and Ricardo Rocha. 

Workshop on Security in Ambient Intelligent Environments co-organized by CRACS Member

21 June 2017

António Pinto is the Co-Chair of the Workshop on Security in Ambient Intelligent Environments (SAmIE) that will take place in Porto on the 21st of June, co-located with the 8th International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2017).

Seminar by Cristina Pinotti: "The Minimum k-Storage Problem: complexity, approximation and experimental analysis"

17 April 2015

When: 2:30pm
Where: DCC-FCUP, Amphitheater 2

Cristina Pinotti is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Perugia.
Her current research interests are wireless networks, sensor networks, networking and energy constraints, content delivery in radio networks, design and analysis of algorithms, cellular networks, and parallel and distributed architectures.

Seminar by Prof. Hendrik Blockeel on "Declarative data analysis"

03 March 2015

When: 2:30pm
Where: DCC-FCUP, Amphitheater 2

Prof. Blockeel, from KU Leuven (Belgium) & Leiden University (The Netherlands) is an expert in research in Machine Learning.
This talk concerns one major direction for research in the field, and should be of interest to everyone looking into Machine Learning, High Level Programming Languages and Environments, Constraints, Optimisation and Applied Statistics.

Seminar on Cloud/OpenStack by Rui Gouveia from Redhat

08 January 2015

Rui Gouveia is a former student from our Department of Computer Science, currently working for RedHat in London. He visited us and gave a seminar about cloud computing and OpenStack, RedHat’s solution to support clouds.

CRACS/DCC seminar by Alexandre Francisco (IST & INESC-ID)

26 September 2014

Title: Counting MSTs and spanning edge betweenness with applications on phylogenetic analyses

Abstract: We present a new edge betweenness metric for undirected and weighted graphs. This metric is defined as the fraction of minimum spanning trees where a given edge is present and it was motivated by the necessity of evaluating phylogenetic trees, being implemented in the tool PHYLOViZ. Moreover we provide results and methods concerning the exact computation of this metric based on the well known Kirchhoff's matrix tree theorem, and we discuss possible improvements as future work.

CRACS members win the first edition of "João Cordeiro Award – Innovation in Pharmacy"

15 October 2014

Luís Antunes, Manuel Eduardo Correia, and Ricardo Correia, have won the first edition of the João Cordeiro Award – Innovation in Pharmacy with the project DigitalPharma, a mobile solution to facilitate the interaction of patients with pharmacies. This prize, granted by the National Association of Pharmacies (ANF), intends to support original projects in the scope of intervention and knowledge in Health, which promote innovation and development in the Portuguese pharmacies.

CRACS Open Day

02 July 2014

A one-day workshop to present some of the work currently being carried on in CRACS.

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