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Ricardo Queirós gained his PhD

14 September 2012
Ricardo Queirós completed today, the 14th of September 2012, his PhD in Computer Science with a thesis entitled "A Framework for practice - based learning applied to computer programming"

CRACS members distinguished at SLATE'2012 conference.

25 June 2012

José Paulo Leal, Ricardo Queirós and Vânia Rodrigues win the best paper award with their paper entitled "Computing semantic relatedness using DBPedia". On the other hand, Miguel Areias and Ricardo Rocha was distinguished with the best presentation of their paper entitled "On Extending a Linear Tabling Framework to Support Batched Scheduling". Both awards happened at the SLATE'2012 held at University of Minho on June, 21st and 22nd.

CRACS Seminar by Manuel Carro (UPM)

18 June 2012

DCC-FCUP, 11-12am

Seminar: A General Implementation Framework for Tabled CLP

This paper describes a framework to combine tabling evaluation and constraint logic programming (TCLP). While this combination has been studied previously from a theoretical point of view and some implementations exist, they either suffer from a lack of efficiency, flexibility, or generality, or have inherent limitations with respect to the programs they can execute to completion (either with success or failure).

Rolando Martins gained his PhD

07 May 2012

Rolando Martins completed today, the 7th of May 2012, his PhD in Computer Science with a thesis entitled "On the Integration of Real-Time and Fault-Tolerance in P2P Middleware".

CRACS Seminar by David Page

26 April 2012

Prof. David Page, from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, will give a talk on Using Machine Learning to Build Predictive Models with Potential Clinical Impact.

CRACS Seminar by Jorge Buenabad-Chávez

18 April 2012

Prof. Jorge Buenabad-Chávez, from the Departamento de Computacion CINVESTAV-IPN, (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional), and a visiting professor at University of Manchester, UK, will give an overview of his research work and will talk about the three subjects below: --- SQL Group-by queries (GBQ) using mapreduce --- Parallel Data List Processing on Clusters of Multicore-GPU nodes. --- From eLearning Models to eLearning Requirements Engineering: The Vision and Scope Document

CRACS Seminar by Jesse Davis (KU Leuven)

09 February 2012

Recent Advances in Markov Network Structure Learning
A Markov network is an undirected graphical model for compactly representing a joint probability distribution over a set of random variables. However, learning their structure from data is extremely difficult.(...) In this talk, I will review some three classes of algorithms that address this task.

CRACS visited by the Scientific Advisory Board of INESC-TEC

30 January 2012

The members of the SAB visiting CRACS include Prof. José Fortes (Univ. Florida, US), Prof. Luís Fiadeiro (Univ. of Leicester, UK), Prof. Maarten van Someren (Univ. of Amsterdam, NL), Prof. Steven P. Nichols (UT Austin, US).

CRACS Seminar by Dale Richardson

02 December 2011

Much time has passed since our last seminar, but a new exciting talk is on its way. Please, mark your agenda: this coming Friday, Dec 2nd, at 11:30, we will have our next seminar by Dale Richardson.

Mário Antunes gained his PhD

23 November 2011

Mário Antunes completed today, the 23rd of November 2011, his PhD in Computer Science, with a thesis entitled "An Artificial Immune System for anomaly detection based on dynamic tunable activation thresholds".

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