Cracs Events List

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19-Jun-2013 Breast Cancer Workshop
19-Jun-2013 - 21-Jun-2013 Consultant for LEAP project
18-Jun-2013 - 20-Jun-2013 Consultant for ABLe project
13-Mar-2013 Exploring the stationary wavelet transform detail coefficients for the detection and identification of the S1 and S2 heart sounds
21-Jan-2013 - 22-Jan-2013 PADL 2013 - 15th International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
29-Oct-2012 - 31-Oct-2012 Fifteenth International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2012)
25-Oct-2012 - 27-Oct-2012 Eleventh International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2012)
24-Sep-2012 - 28-Sep-2012 European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD)
18-Sep-2012 - 20-Sep-2012 22nd International Symposium on Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR 2012)
17-Sep-2012 - 19-Sep-2012 ILP 2012 - 22nd International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
06-Sep-2012 - 07-Sep-2012 INForum 2012 - Simpósio de Informática
04-Sep-2012 CICLOPS 2012 - 12th International Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint and LOgic Programming Systems
04-Sep-2012 - 08-Sep-2012 ICLP 2012 - 28th International Conference on Logic Programming
27-Aug-2012 - 31-Aug-2012 ECAI 2012 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
22-Jul-2012 - 26-Jul-2012 Twenty-Sixth Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-12)
30-Jun-2012 ICML-12 Workshop on Statistical Relational Learning
30-Jun-2012 SRL 2012 - International Workshop on Statistical Relational Learning (with ICML 2012)
24-Jun-2012 - 29-Jun-2012 Günter Kniesel is the lead researcher of the PDT and jTransformer tools. Fabian is a PhD student.
21-Jun-2012 - 22-Jun-2012 SLATE 2012 - Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies
18-Jun-2012 A General Implementation Framework for Tabled CLP
04-Jun-2012 - 05-Jun-2012 3rd International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software (S-Cube 2012)
06-May-2012 - 09-May-2012 Visiting Professor
03-May-2012 Tabling for Knowledge Representation
02-May-2012 - 05-May-2012 LEAP project consultant
26-Apr-2012 Using Machine Learning to Build Predictive Models with Potential Clinical Impact