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Cracs News CRACS organizes "Porto Winter School on Network Science" more...
17 December 2018

This school is a research training event geared precisely towards the science of networks and it offers a set of lectures and tutorials given by worldwide leading experts from the academia. The attendees are expected to gain insight into the theory, methods and applications of network science, by being exposed to some the most important problems and their state-of-art solutions, thus improving their vision on the associated research challenges.


Cracs News Machine learning and computational cognitive neuroscience more...
21 September 2018
By Francisco Pereira head of the Machine Learning Team at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, USA).
The seminar starts at 4pm at the Amphitheater 2 of FC6 (Dep. Ciência de Computadores, FCUP). From the abstract: "... In this talk, I will review brain imaging technology, and highlight some of the more interesting uses of machine learning to further cognitive neuroscience research. I will also describe several areas where there are opportunities to make methodological contributions with clinical and scientific impact."