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Cracs News How Data Science and Big Data are Reshaping Research Computing more...
22 January 2018

Ms. Christine Kirkpatrick, from the San Diego Supercomputer Center will give the first CRACS seminar of 2018 on Monday 22nd, 3pm. The talk will last 20 minutes with added 10 minutes for questions. 

Ms. Kirkpatrick is visiting Porto in the context of the EUDAT conference (

Cracs News CRACS organizes "Workshop on Advanced Computing for Earth Sciences" more...
18 December 2017

Dates: 18-20 December, 2017
Venue: CS Department, FCUP, University of Porto (Anfitheater Prof. Ferreira da Silva)

Cracs News Researchers from CRACS/INESC TEC win Best Paper Award at ICDM'2017 more...
17 November 2017

The research team from CRACS/INESC TEC/University of Porto and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), composed by Miguel Araújo, Pedro Ribeiro, and Christos Faloutsos, were distinguished with the best paper award at ICDM (International Conference on Data Mining) 2017, that took place in New Orleans, US, 18-21 November, for the paper "TensorCast: Forecasting with Context using Coupled Tensors".