Inês Dutra interviewed by CERN

01 May 2009

Inês Dutra, researcher from the Center for Research in Advanced Computer Systems (CRACS), was interviewed by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in the context of the eResearch2020 project, regarding her participation in EELA (E-science grid facility for Latin America and Europe).

The eResearch2020 aims at studying several types of e-Infrastructure, organisational structures, collaboration modes and technological development to support several virtual organizations in different areas. The aim is to gather information and opinions of several researchers involved in different projects for a report, which will be produced by the EU until the end of 2010. The report will include helpful recommendations for the elaboration of a long-term strategic plan. The purpose is to improve public policies and encourage the use of e-infrastructures by Sciences in general.
For that, several projects were selected and/or indicated by the European Union to be part of this research, as was the case of the EELA project, with the participation of Inês Dutra.
Inês Dutra was interviewed by Franz Barjak from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and Social Scientist at CERN. Throughout the interview, the researcher explained the organisational structure and her involvement in the EELA-2project, as well as the role played by the University of Porto (U.Porto) in the project. Moreover, the researcher described the technologies used in the project, its challenges and influence in research practices. Lastly, Inês Dutra left some suggestions for EU to improve its strategic plans, and mentioned the Joint Research Unit (JRU) and the Portuguese grid initiative established by the project and coordinated by the University of Porto.
It is important to remember that last February this researcher went to Bogotá (Columbia) to participate in the first conference of the EELA-2 project.
in BIP, May 2009