CRACS Seminar by Manuel Carro (UPM)

18 June 2012

Prof. Manuel Carro, from Universidad Politécnica de Madrd, Spain, will give a seminar at CRACS/INESCTEC and DCC/FCUP on A General Implementation Framework for Tabled CLP.

CS Department - 11:00-12:00

Abstract: This paper describes a framework to combine tabling evaluation and constraint logic programming (TCLP). While this combination has been studied previously from a theoretical point of view and some implementations exist, they either suffer from a lack of efficiency, flexibility, or generality, or have inherent limitations with respect to the programs they can execute to completion (either with success or failure).  Our framework addresses these issues directly, including the ability to check for answer / call entailment, which allows it to terminate in more cases than other approaches.  The proposed framework is experimentally compared with existing solutions in order to provide evidence of the mentioned advantages.

Joint work with Pablo Chico de Guzmán and Manuel Hermenegildo