CRACS members distinguished at SLATE'2012 conference.

25 June 2012

José Paulo, Vânia Rodrigues and Ricardo Queirós received the "Best Paper Award" at SLATE'2012 - Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies, for their paper entitled  "Computing semantic relatedness using DBPedia". This paper proposes a new approach to estimate the similarity between concepts using information available provided by tables from Wikipedia, using semantic web techniques and the data access point for this data as provided by DBPedia. They also describe the module supporting web adaptability for the Palco Proncipal social network. 

Miguel Areias and Ricardo Rocha were also awarded at SLATE'2012 the "Best Presentation Award"  for their paper entitled "On Extending a Linear Tabling Framework to Support Batched Scheduling". The paper addresses the efficient implementation of mechanisms for linear tabling in high level languages and systems such as the YAP-Prolog. This work was partly funded by the LEAP project.

SLATE is a research forum for researchers and professionals devoted to programming languages. SLATE'2012 was held at the University of Minho on June 21st and 22nd.