1st special track on "Security and Privacy in Healthcare IT" in the 26th IEEE International Symposium CBMS2013

20 June 2013

SPH2013 focuses on original unpublished research on innovative methods, policies and concerns that can constitute the right building blocks for a new generation of electronic healthcare information systems that are at the same time more efficient, empowering and secure. So, it is expected novel articles about privacy, security, accountability and auditing for the healthcare sector. This special track also pretends to encourage the research dissemination to the stakeholders involved in healthcare information technologies, promoting the discussion on issues, challenges and solutions that are currently being developed all around the world.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  •   Access control and consent management models;
  •   Authentication and identification concepts;
  •   Security and privacy concerns in healthcare;
  •   Biometrics in healtcare;
  •   Health data protection;
  •   Policy and Legal aspects of regulating privacy of health data;
  •   Healthcare in cloud computing;
  •   Mobile devices and their use in healthcare information systems;
  •   Patient empowerment;
  •   Personal health records;
  •   Usability and human factors.