Workshop on: Interoperability & Security in Healthcare (WISH2013)

01 February 2013

WISH 2013 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from both of security and interoperability areas and apply it on the healthcare sector in order to: 1) discuss the many remaining technical challenges, 2) the challenges of balancing interoperability with the need for security, and 3) develop an agenda for future research in the healthcare sector.

The main topics for discussion are:

    Authentication and Authorization methods and impacts
    Eletronic health record (EHR) confidentiality in the cloud
    Agents and access control policies
    Audit trails
    Semantic interoperability and multi agent systems

The target audience are: healthcare providers, health informatics professionals, healthcare managers, healthcare security practitioners, healthcare software providers, lawyers and academia.

The WISH is organized by CINTESIS (FMUP) and CRACS (FCUP) investigation groups pretends to promote further research interests and activities on interoperability and security fields in healthcare sector. This workshop aims to increase the synergy between academic and industrial researchers working in this area.