Researchers from CRACS/INESC TEC win Best Paper Award at ICDM'2017

17 November 2017

The reseaerch team from CRACS/INESC TEC/University of Porto and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), composed by Miguel Araújo, Pedro Ribeiro, and Christos Faloutsos, were distinguished with the best paper award at ICDM (International Conference on Data Mining) 2017, that took place in New Orleans, US, 18-21 November, for the paper "TensorCast: Forecasting with Context using Coupled Tensors".

Miguel Araújo was a PhD student for the Dual-Degree in Computer Science between MAP-i/FCUP and CMU being advised by Pedro Ribeiro (CRACS/INESC TEC & FCUP) and Christos Faloutsos (CMU). The distinguished work provided a fast and effective algorithm, to forecast the evolution of a tensor (like who-publishes-where-and-when), given additional, side information (like who has been co-author with whom).

ICDM is A* ranked conference with an acceptance rate less then 10%.

The authors from left to right: Christos Faloutsos, Miguel Araújo and Pedro Ribeiro.