Organizational Structure

CRACS aims at providing a simple organizational structure for its researchers, with a lightweight management. The research areas are organized by topical areas and researchers are free to belong to one or more areas at any one time.

CRACS is composed by effective members and associated members. Effective members are researchers with a PhD degree that were either founders or have subsequently been accepted as effective members. Associated members are temporary collaborators, even when holding a Ph.D., whilst working in research activities of CRACS. Most of our associated members are tallented young researchers engaged in their Master or Doctoral thesis.

The management of the unit is ensured by a Coordination Committee and a Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee is composed by all effective members of CRACS and one of its functions is to elect the Coordinator. The Coordination Committee is composed by the Coordinator, which represents the unit, and one or two nominated Vice-Coordinator(s). The Coordination Committee may be assisted by members with specific executive functions and altogether constitute the Executive Board. A specific regulation defines the functions of these committees.

CRACS is now a unit of the INESC TEC and shares its Scientific Advisory Committee.

Executive Board

  • Fernando Silva (Coordinator)
  • Luís Filipe Antunes (Vice-Coordinator)
  • Vítor Santos Costa (Vice-Coordinator)
  • Álvaro Figueira
  • Ricardo Rocha