The Center for Research in Advanced Computing Systems (CRACS) is a new research unit recently proposed to the Portuguese National Science Foundation (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia). CRACS is partially supported by the University of Porto, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Computer Science (UP/FCUP/DCC), where it is located. CRACS is associated with the INESC-Porto Associated Laboratory - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto. CRACS aims to be actively involved in fundamental and applied research in scalable computing both at national and international level; to foster training of young researchers both at post-graduate and post-doctoral level; and to actively establish partnerships with companies to promote and disseminate research results. The research team is composed by around 20 researchers, of which 10 hold a PhD degree.

The research directions pursued by CRACS encompass a broad number of issues related to scalable computing as listed next:

  1. High-level Programming Languages
    •    Implementation of Logic Programming Systems
    •    Programming Languages for Mobile Computing and Sensor Networks
  2. Parallel and Distributed Computing
    •    Parallel Logic Programming and Inductive Logic Programming systems
    •    Grid Computingtest
    •    Middleware Infrastructures
    •    Performance Evaluation
  3. Information Mining 
    • Machine Learning and Discovery
      •    Inductive Logic Programming
      •    Statistical Relational Learning
      •    Ubiquitous Data Streams
      •    Biologically Inspired Computing
    • Applications
      •    Pattern Discovery in Genomics and Proteomics
      •    Analysis of Gene Expression Data
      •    Understanding Cellular Pathways
      •    Clinical Analysis
      •    Intrusion Detection Systems
      •    SPAM Classification
  4. Web-Based Systems
    •    Semantic Digital Libraries
    •    e-Learning Environments and Tools
    •    Service Oriented Architectures and Open Data