Talks and seminars at CRACS/DCC

  1. Prof. Kai Barthel, HTW-Berlin,
    Visually Browsing Millions of Images using Image Graphs, 03-Mar-2017
  2. Leonardo B. Vana (Universidade Federal Fluminense, UFF, Brazil),
    On the Structure of Natural Deduction Derivations for "Generally", 17-Feb-2017
  3. VECPAR 2016 - 12th International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science, 28-Jun-2016 - 30-Jun-2016
  4. Hendrik Blockeel - KU Leuven (Belgium) & Leiden University (The Netherlands),
    "Declarative data analysis" by Prof. Hendrik Blockeel, 03-Mar-2015
  5. Prof. Srinivasan Parthasarathy,
    CRACS & LIAAD Seminar by Prof. Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Ohio State University, US, 26-Jan-2015
  6. Alexandre P Francisco (IST & INESC-ID),
    Counting MSTs and spanning edge betweenness with applications on phylogenetic analyses , 26-Sep-2014
  7. Beyond Blocks: Hyperbolic Community Detection, 12-Sep-2014
  8. Patrícia Santos,
    CRACS Open Day, 02-Jul-2014
  9. Kanna Rajan, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), US,
    Advancing Biological Oceanography with Inference-based Robotic Exploration of the Coastal Ocean, 11-Nov-2013
  10. Exploring the stationary wavelet transform detail coefficients for the detection and identification of the S1 and S2 heart sounds, 13-Mar-2013
  11. Manuel Carro (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid),
    A General Implementation Framework for Tabled CLP, 18-Jun-2012
  12. Terrance Swift, CENTRIA/UNL,
    Tabling for Knowledge Representation, 03-May-2012
  13. Professor David Page, Wisconsin University at Madison,
    Using Machine Learning to Build Predictive Models with Potential Clinical Impact, 26-Apr-2012
  14. Jesse Davis (K. U. Leuven),
    Recent Advances in Markov Network Structure Learning, 09-Feb-2012
  15. Marcus Kaiser, Newcastle University, UK,
    The Human Connectome: Organization and characterization of hierarchical brain networks, 29-Jun-2011
  16. Efficient and Scalable Algorithms for Network Motifs Discovery, 08-Jun-2011
  17. João Peças Lopes, FEUP/INESC-Porto,
    Seminário Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes - Uma visão de Futuro, 14-Apr-2011
  18. Keshav Pingali, UT-Austin, USA,
    Seminar: Parallel Programming Needs New Foundations, 01-Apr-2011
  19. Advice-based learning for breast cancer, 16-Mar-2011
  20. Jan Wielemaker (Univ. of Amsterdam),
    ClioPatria: the SWI-Prolog RDF Toolkit, 08-Feb-2011