Classification of a mammogram based in a reduced set of mammography findings

To obtain a prediction in terms of malignancy for a certain mass is only necessary to provide the values of the findings, annotated through the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS), in the form bellow. It is also possible to get a prediction of the attribute mass density in case this feature is not known.

The output will indicate the probability of a certain mass being benign or malignant. In the latter case it is suggested that the patient should perform a biopsy. The probabilities are computed using machine learning models built as described in:

  • P.Ferreira, N. A. Fonseca, I. Dutra, R. Woods, and E. Burnside, Predicting Malignancy from Mammography Findings and Surgical Biopsies, submitted.

Enter Data

Patient's age
Mass size
Breast Composition
Mass shape
Mass clockface location
Mass margins (1)
Mass margins (2)
Mass margins worst
Mass density

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